Lakota Wolf Preserve, located in the mountains of the Delaware Water Gap in Warren Country, NJ is a nonprofit dedicated to the care of, and education about, wolves, bobcats, foxes, and lynx. Since its inception in 1998, owners James Stein and Becky Mace have grown the preserve to a well-known attraction for visitors of all ages to see these endangered animals up close, while also learning about the importance of preservation of our wildlife. 

Jim and Becky have raised and cared for all the animals at the preserve, while also featuring daily educational tours and photography sessions. Lakota is the largest natural-habitat animal preserve with wolves, bobcat, lynx and fox in the Northeastern United States. While the preserve is a constantly evolving operation that requires around-the-clock work, Jim and Becky continue to remain dedicated to the absolute best care. Their ‘why’ is simple: they strive to give these animals, born in captivity and unable to return to the wild, the best home imaginable.

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Relist Wolves

Wolves have been delisted from the endangered species list and are no longer protected in the Northern Rocky Region. They are once again being hunted and wiped out after barely gaining a foothold in existence after their initial protection.

Please visit our partners to find out how you can help make a difference and get wolves protected again.

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