Can I bring snacks/drinks on the tour?

-You may! But feeding the animals anything at all will not be permitted. If you are seen doing so, you will be asked to leave immediately, without a refund. Please also note the garbage and recycling cans on property and dispose of your garbage accordingly.

Can I take pictures/videos during the tour?

-Yes! We also offer private guided photography tours for unobstructed images.

Can I smoke/vape at the preserve?

-No! There is no smoking of any kind (yes-including vape pens) at the preserve, due to the safety of our animals, and forest fire concerns. If you are a smoker, we ask that you please do so in the parking lot by your car before or after going up to the preserve. If you choose to do so in the parking lot, please dispose of your cigarette buts in a trash can.

What should I wear/bring on the tour?

Please read all the details on our Tour Info & Bookings page! If you’re still unsure, please give us a call, 908.496.9244. 

Does Lakota Wolf have a gift shop onsite?

-The preserve does not have its own gift shop onsite. The products sold in the Camp Taylor campground do not support the preserve. Products sold by the preserve are currently only sold online. Please visit our Shop | Donate | Sponsor page

We want to camp at the Preserve! How do we book that?

-The Lakota Wolf Preserve is located on the grounds of Camp Taylor Campground. Camp Taylor is a separate business and not part of the preserve. For camping information, you will need to contact them at www.camptaylor.com. Lakota Wolf tour bookings need to be made online, and cannot be made by Camp Taylor.

I saw your wolves at the NJ State Fair! Where else do you bring them?

-Please know that we do not bring our animals anywhere* off premises, with the exception of our local veterinarian, or for specialist care, when necessary. In the past, there has been an organization bringing hybrids to local fairs and using our name. We are in no way affiliated with these places, or any other preserve, and do not condone putting animals in stressful situations like this. 

*We did bring our special little girl Sassa to a fundraising event 10 minutes from the preserve when she was a puppy, but she was in a large outdoor enclosure, and mom (Becky) was with her the entire time! While she loved the attention, it was a one time occurrence. She is now grown and will remain at the preserve to be visited during tours. You can learn more about Sassa’s story on our Facebook, or during your visit!

I was gifted / purchased a gift certificate or sponsorship passes. How do I book?

-Please give us a call directly! 908.496.9244

I would love to volunteer or work at the preserve. Where do I sign up?

-Unfortunately, with the exception of a (great) few, we have had many negative experiences with prospective volunteers and employees. While working with wild animals is amazing and fun, they are still wild animals, and day-to-day responsibilities include much more than petting and playing with them. Unless you’re down to pick up and gut road-kill deer, muck out muddy ponds, cut down dead trees, clean up and weed wack pathways, refill water tubs- all in rain or shine-, register visitors, drive a shuttle bus, bust ice and shovel snow in freezing winter temps, and more, we don’t think it’s a good fit. You also need some basic equipment skills, common sense, and be able to follow rules and guidelines.
If you checked off all of the boxes…give us a call!

Are you wheelchair / handicap accessible?

We are all outdoors on uneven ground with no paved roads at the preserve. We do have a shuttle bus with a chair lift that can drive you from the parking area to the front gate of the preserve. From where the bus drops you off, it is about 75 yards uphill on gravel to the observation area to see the wolves and hear the presentation. Many have done it with a pushable chair accompanied by someone to push them up the hill. Some have insisted their motorized chairs and scooters will work, and have unfortunately tipped over due to the uneven terrain. For that reason, we do not recommend motorized options. After the wolf presentation, it is about the same distance on relatively flat ground to see the bobcat & fox presentation. There is not walking through the whole tour, just to those 2 areas. Please contact us with further questions.

What if I am late for the tour? 

At multiple times before, during, and after your reservation process, you will be reminded what time to arrive to park, register, and either make the hike to the preserve, or catch our shuttle bus. Unfortunately, the preserve is not located at the same area as the entrance and parking area and our tour guides and shuttle drivers are the same people. If you are late, we will not be able to accommodate you, as there will be no one from the preserve to sign you in, and direct you where to go. We understand that things happen, but please be sure to give yourself plenty of travel time, as we just cannot expect other visitors who have booked a tour and showed up on time to wait for late arrivals.

Prior to calling or emailing with further questions, please be sure to read the Tour Details on our Tour Info & Bookings page. If you still need assistance, please call us at 908.496.9244, fill out our form on the Location/Contact page , or email jim@lakotawolf.com.