Photography Info & Bookings

Photographers of any skill can take advantage of our private guided photography or video sessions around each individual wolf compound. Photographing the wolves in their natural, stress free environment, through portal openings in the fencing for unobstructed views, allows for the best possible photo opportunities. Your guide will work with the wolves to help position them during your 2-hour tour. Please note that the foxes, bobcat, and lynx are not included in this session.

Photography Shoot Details:

  • Session cost is $300 per photographer for a 2-hr guided tour. There is a $50 charge, should you choose to add one non-photographer guest, plus tax. The non-photographer guests will not be permitted to take pictures- even with their cell phone.
  • Confirmed reservations are needed. Please call 908.496.9244 or email
  • There is only one guide per photo session. Their goal is to concentrate on working with the animals to get the photographer great shots- not watching over additional guests.
  • Please note that our photography season typically runs from September to April. The fall and winter months are the best time to photograph the wolves. The summer heat can be difficult for the wolves, and with their winter coats shedding/shed, they do not look their best. We do not want to accept your money for a photoshoot if we can’t get you the best photo-ops possible!